The streamlined organizational structure enables a lean approach to cost management in terms of personnel and transparency of personal responsibility. We have our own dispatching department, located in Marianske Lazne. Our staff speak German, Russian, English andSpanish, have expert knowledge in the area of freight forwarding operations in the EU and understand customers` requirements for secured transports, which means that we are competent partners for our customers.Our drivers, the first line representatives of our company, are carefully trained to meet customers` requests for securing transport the services that we provide to them. Our drivers have all passed professional training programs required by law. Through monitoring of driving style and provision of feedback, the drivers are motivated to improve their on-road performance,resulting in better fuel consumption and lesswear and tear. Our technicians are a professional team who ensure that our machinery and equipment is always in a state enabling safe delivery of cargo.Our invoice officers are perfectly familiar with the customers` invoicing systems needed for smooth information exchange on provided transports.

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