Upravit stránku

The most important support of our team are of course drivers, without them it wouldn't be. We only employ trained and talented professionals and regularly monitor their ride. We guarantee the best service. It serves to improve management style and to reduce consumption. That is why we can always offer you lower prices for international transport.

The problem does not exist for our overdraft facility!

The central brain of our team are the dispatchers. They speak many foreign languages. In addition to German and English, they speak fluent Russian and Spanish. Dispatchers can deal with all the complicated problems of transportation and watch very closely what is going on on the European roads.

Our advantages:

  • Our overdraft facility speaks: German, Czech, English, Russian, Spanish
  • 24/7 availability,
  • Office staffing: Mon-Fri 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., then by mobile phone
  • An emergency number available 24/7

Drivers can use the steering wheel, technicians understand the engine

Our technicians ensure the security of your shipment. They check that the vehicle fleet is always in perfect condition. Regular maintenance checks on all trucks are the order of the day.

The billers are responsible for all invoices, payment orders, pricing and billing. You are of course familiar with different accounting systems.


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